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Sunday, 2006-11-12

Two more

Let´s welcome Rebecca from Rochester, USA and Herik from Hannover, Germany.

Speak soon,


Wednesday, 2006-09-13

Very (and I mean very) cool street art

Paul Curtis aka Moose is no regular graffiti artist. In fact, he’s the reverse-graffiti artist. He created his street art by *cleaning* the dirt and grime off of surfaces!

But see for yourself:

Have fun,


Thursday, 2006-08-31

15mmFAME featured...

...on the website of KUNSTKOMM, the supporters club of the well-renown museum KESTNERGESELLSCHAFT in Hannover/Germany (Andy Warhol exhibited here!). That´s nice of them and it proves that the project is taken seriously by the art community.

Stay tuned for more,


Monday, 2006-08-28

One more from Hamburg

Seems that Hamburg is becoming the 15mmFAME capital ;-)

And yet another fun online collaborative project:

Spray your tag!

Have a wonderful week,


Saturday, 2006-08-26

Another project playing with the word "Fame" and the number "15"

But first of all: Sorry for not posting for several days. I had a really busy week.

Here´s some interesting projectI found the other day by accident: "Famous for 15mb" ( From the web site: "The idea behind Famous For 15mb is simply to present new or overlooked musicians and video artists from any genre or country. The works of the artists presented each month are free to download."

More soon,


Monday, 2006-08-21

Last corner space taken

Robert from St. Gallen in Switzerland occupies the upper right corner. Now the four of the corner spaces are taken, which is not very surprising I believe.

From now on it´s unpredictable which of the spaces will be chosen next. So feel free to surprise me ;-)

Take a chance,


Sunday, 2006-08-20

Technical progress ... uh, well ...

Still working on the forum, but having troubles with the database. I will have to ask someone to help me with this, so it might take some more days. Sorry folks.

All yours,


Wednesday, 2006-08-16


With Florian from Berlin, the largest city of Germany (and, by the way, it´s capital) is part of the project. Welcome aboard!

To those who have purchased a space but not send in a graphic yet: Please do so soon. We all are very excited how it will look like. Thanks ;-)

Good night,


Tuesday, 2006-08-15

Technical progress

I´m working on the back-end to get the forum up and running and I am making good progress. I´m pretty confident that I will be able to open it to the public in a couple of days.

We don´t have a logo for the new artisitic movement named "Collaborate Art" so far. So everyone is invited to submit suggestions. I think it´s really the root of the matter to let everybody participate in the process of finding a representative signet.

And now to something completely different: I´ve been asked if only photographs are to be submitted for the collage. The answer is: NO. Please feel free to send in any graphic you like!

Soon more,


Sunday, 2006-08-13

Another cool art project

Ever heard of onethousandpaintings? Sala from Switzerland painted 1000 pieces of art, numbered from 1 to 1000 and sells them on The unique idea: The price of each painting results from the number that appears on the canvas.

Have a great week,


Friday, 2006-08-11

Ireland aboard

Zaneta from Ireland bought a space for her boyfried. What a nice idea. (She didn´t submit a graphic and the desired co-ordinates so far, that´s why you won´t find her on the canvas yet.)

So we´ve got participants from five different countries so far. Checking the logfiles I could found out we had visitors from even 30 different countries to date, including Afghanistan and Nepal. So if you are from there: Please join. If you are from somewhere else: Please join, too.

I´m working on some more PR behind the scenes right now. There haven´t been tons of articles on the project so far, so I hope once the press picks up the story, the counter will go up a little quicker. We don´t want to wait for that huge vernissage party forever, do we? ;-)

Have a great week-end,


Thursday, 2006-08-10

Hamburg measures up to London

With Claudius from Hamburg joining the project this city in the north of Germany hosts three participants so far. The same number of participants as London.

Now, who´s gonna make the next move?

See ya,


Tuesday, 2006-08-08

Growing, slowly but steady

Nico from Bubesheim placed his graphic right in the middle of nowhere (x 22 / y 10). That´s good, because everybody trying to get as close to the upper left corner as possible gets kind of boring...

Maybe he was inspired by the location of his hometown, which is also kind of out of bounds. (@Nico: Don´t take me serious, just kidding. I´m a real country bumpkin myself)

For everybody how does not know Bubesheim, it´s in the south of Germany:

Keep it up,


Sunday, 2006-08-06

First participant from the U.S.

That´s cool:

Scott from joined as first participant from the new world.

And not only that. He´s put up a huge number of sketches on flickr and visitors are to vote for the one to be placed on the canvas. So you´ll see his contribution after the 25th of August, when the voting phase is over.

Wow, only one week on air and there are already participants from four different countries. This is great! Please keep spreading the word and tell everyone of this project. I really appreciate it.



Friday, 2006-08-04

Bavaria joins

Volker from Munich took x 2 / y 1.

Plus, some more participants in the queue. Cool!

Please forgive me this very short post, I had a hard working day, gotta catch some sleep now...

Good night,


Thursday, 2006-08-03


Today, Norman´s wife joined the project. So it´s three participants from London already. Great! I´m excited what country will be next to join. We´ve got United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany to date.

I´ve received a couple of emails asking whether there would be another means of paying apart from Paypal. Well, yes, sure. Just mail me (using the Contact-Button below the canvas) and tell me what co-ordinates you´d like to occupy.

I really appreciate all your emails with your opinions, suggestions and general ideas. This motivates me to get the forum online as quick as possible (I already see my week-end wrecked. But so what, it´s all for the art, isn´t it?)



Wednesday, 2006-08-02

Don´t know what to draw?

If being afraid of drawing yourself keeps you from joining the project, here´s a remedy: "A Sketch for a Dollar" at

For just one single bug you can get a custom drawing to put on the canvas of 15mmFAME. But don´t tell anyone it´s not from you ;-)



Tuesday, 2006-08-01

x 1 / y 1 sold Andreas from Karsruhe in Germany. I knew that these co-ordinates would go quickly. ;-)

One question popped up today: "Are domain names allowed on the grafics?" The answer is: Definitely not, if the domain is a commercial one. If it leads to a non-commercial website, I would have to check individually. But please keep in mind: This is an art project and not a means to pull traffic to your website...

Stay tuned,


Monday, 2006-07-31

One more from London

Say "Hi" to Norman from London.

By the way: I´ve put out some PR articles, so hopefully that will spread the word. If you have any more ideas or suggestions how to present the project to as many people around the world as possible, please let me know.

Keep rockin,


Sunday, 2006-07-30

First participants

I´d like to welcome Holger from Zürich, Switzerland and Tobias from London, UK as first participants of 15mmFAME.

This shows that there really are people out there who get the point of the idea. Great! Hope many more will follow soon.

The article about "Collaborate Art" on wikipedia has been rejected for now. They state, that Collarorate Art is not yet as clearly defined as it has to be to get an entry there. So we will use the forum on 15mmFAME for the discussion (I still need some days to put it to work, though) to get things started.

Stay in touch,


Saturday, 2006-07-29


After a couple of months of thinking and planning the website goes on air today. That´s the official start of 15mmFAME and I hope, many people will get as excited about this project as I already am.

How did I come up with the concept? Well, one day I was watching a documentary on the possibilities of nowadays medicin. A medical operation was shown where a specialist from the US assisted a chirurg in Berlin with the help of a data connection and a monitor. It was said, that it soon will be possible, that this chrirurg from America will actually move a small robot arm and thus co-operate with his collegue in Berlin.

I consider medicin as a type of art, and so my thoughts went like: "Wow, if this kind of collaboration is possible in medicin, why shouldn´t it work for visual arts as well?" From that day on (I don´t remember the exact date, though) I started growing the idea until it manifested itself in this project.

Now it´s here. And you are invited to participate in this project. Yes, YOU. Please help defining the new artistic movement called "Collaborate Art" on Wikipedia, submit a name suggestion (once the forum is open) or - at best - create a graphic and help build the piece of art.

And please, tell all your friends. THX!