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Fame for anyone - unique art project puts Andy Warhols statement to proof

"In the future, everybody will be world-famous for 15 Minutes", Warhol proclaimed in 1974. A third of a century later, the art project 15mmFAME ( ties up to this statement and invites everybody to design a space of 15 x 10 Milimeter (app. 0.59 x 0.37 inches). The tiny artworks will then be assembled to a giant collage for exposition in a museum.


Says Phil Stine, the initiator of the project: "According to another famous artist, Joseph Beuys, everybody is an artist. So it´s only natural to offer everybody the possibility to present his/her own creations to the public. That´s why you don´t have to be a "real" artist to take part in the project. Actually, anyone can submit a graphic via email and thus share the fame - or at least famousness - of the resolving piece of art."

For 15 Euro (app. 19 USD) every contributor will receive one of the limited art prints of the collage. The print with the serial number 00001 will be the exhibit. Additionally, all of the participants are invited to the opening party to get know each other in the real world.

To get involved fast makes sense: 15 Euro is the fee for the first 1000 contributors only. The next 1000 pay 30, the following 1000 participants 45 Euro, and so on. Plus, the serial numbers are assigned chronologically, so the favoured low numbers are to be obtained during the early stage of the project.

All participants may also submit name suggestions, discuss them in a forum and finally vote for the winner. The inventor of the final name for the work will be guest of honour at the vernissage.

Any revenues that might be gained through this project will flow back into art. Phil Stine plans to set up a combination of studio and gallery where especially (yet) unknown artists find a space to work and to present their art to a larger audience.

By the way: 15mmFAME is the first project of a new artistic movement called "Collaborate Art". The core of CA is the collaboration of many in respectively one work. The further development of this additional perception of art will be discussed on Wikipedia parallel to the course of the project.

"This is a truely unique concept. 15mmFAME has the potential to evolve to one of the most exciting art projects of the decade" the initiator states. "Im curious about the ideas from participants from all over the world that will flow into the collage. Everybody who has only a bit of interest in culture will be thrilled by this piece of art that becomes alive only by collaboration - and of which nobody knows what it will look like in the end."

"I´m negotiating with several museums and galleries already to present the work in the "real" world once it´s born. The feedback is very promising and I´m sure we´ll find a condignly place for it" Phil resumes.


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