"Yes, I want to be part of it!"


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before starting the ordering process:


Everybody can participate.

After payment has been made you have up to 4 weeks time to submit your graphic(s) (photograph, illustration, …) to join@15mmfame.com. The graphics have to be in correct format (check "Accepted formats of the graphics" for details). The email must also contain the desired co-ordinates. The serial number is provided chronologically, first come first serve.

Available spaces are to be viewed here.

If there should be "overlappings" in the process of assigning the co-ordinates, the participant agrees to a nearby space.

Also, the participant agrees to another than the displayed serial number, if overlappings occur.

Accepted formats of the graphics

The following formats are accepted: JPEG, GIF (not animated), TIFF, PNG, Bitmap, EPS. The size should be 15mm x 10mm - or 0.59 inches x 0.39 inches - (it´s 177 x 118 pixels at 300 dpi) and - if possible - in high resolution. At least, the graphic should have the format 3:2. If not, the graphic will be scaled and it might happen that distortions occur.

Right of withdrawal

The order can be withdrawn within two weeks after purchase. After that period of time no withdrawals are accepted. After the submission of a graphic the right of withdrawal expires immediately. The graphic is not to be modified after submission.

Limited edition

The edition is limited to 10000 prints. Each print has an individual serial number and is signed by the initiator of the project to grant it´s genuineness.

Intelectual property

With the participation you give the intelectual rights of the submitted grafics free.

Important: All participants assure that they are the originators of their submitted graphics. Suers, who claim that an unauthorized graphic is being used are re-directed to the respected participant. All costs that arise in a case of a sucessful claim are to be paid by the infringer.

Delivery time and modalities

The art prints will be shipped ca. 2-3 weeks after completion of the work. The work is complete once all spaces are designed.

If for some reason it turns out that there are no more participants joining the project after a couple of month, all so-far participants can vote for the work as beeing defined "complete". In any case, however, the 10000 prints will be produced.

Scope of supply

Every participant receives as many prints as he/she has occupied and designed spaces. The prints are of the size 1500mm x 1000mm (app. 59 inches x 39 inches), marked with the individual serial number and hand signed by the initiator of the project. At the rear side you´ll find a matrix displaying all participants.


No graphics containing excessively pornographic, abusing or violence glorifying statements, illustrations or photographs are being accepted. Also, mere corporate or product logos are forbidden. The initiator of the project reserves the right to reject any graphics without explanation. In case of a rejection of a grahpic, the participant has 2 weeks time to submit a different one or withdraw the order. In the latter case the space is made available again to the public.


The prices for participation (and therefore for the prints the participants receive) increase in the course of the project. You´ll pay the price that´s shown at the top of the webpage, respectively the price that is displayed during the ordering process.

Starting price is 15 Euro (app. 19 USD) - plus a shipping and handling fee. After 1000 spaces have been taken, the price rises to 30 Euro (app. 38 USD), after another 1000 to 45 Euro (app. 57 USD) and so on.


To start the ordering process, please choose your country: